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Temporal Intervals

"Temporal Intervals" will have a few components:

1. The installation in the stairwell:
Obsolete scientific equipment is activated by the presence of the viewer.

2. The viewer can further interact with the machines by pressing a foot pump to change the path of the ink traces on the recording drum. Emphasis is placed on the comparison between the analogue obsolete machine processes and the virtual, digital domainA disembodied soundscape composed of noises made by the scientific machines will be playing at various locations around the building.

3. The website:
There is an interactive 3D model of a scientific recording machine (Kymograph) that activates a dot matrix printer in the stairwell. The virtual viewer leaves a real time trace. A web cam allows the virtual viewer to see the installation in the stairwell and the interventions by the real time viewer.

4. A message board which allows communication between virtual participants and the streamed video.

5. The video "Dolly: 00121" playing continuously on a wall near the installation


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