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Video Dome

The VideoDome explores the boundaries between science and art with works inspired by astronomical and other physical phenomena.
The exhibition consists of a program of projected video works on the inside of a six metre wide inflatable dome, starting with paintedSKY, first shown at Scitech in September 2007 as part of the BEAP Festival of Electronic art in Perth.*
Other video works to be shown are either specifically designed for full dome type projection or art works with a connection to the astronomical theme. Paul Bourke will be providing several works for full dome projections, including his amazing four dimensional sculptures. Pete Wheeler at Horizon The Planetarium will showcase astronomical phenomena, which adds to the educational value of the exhibition and can be part of a public program package, which includes science as well as art.
This exhibition is a unique opportunity to see the creative possibilities offered by experiencing phenomena filtered through both the sensibilities of artists and scientists, working separately and together.The works in the Video Dome are seen in a specially designed portable exhibition space where light and sound aspects of the works can be fully utilised.The dome projection creates a fully immersive environment, which is a whole new way of experiencing projected movies and surround-sound.This exhibition pushes the boundaries of what is normally the prerogative of planetariums and science museums.
The VideoDome installation is a collaboration between Pete Wheeler, the manager of horizon, the Planetarium at Scitech, Paul Bourke, Senior Visualisation Research Fellow at WASP (Western Australian Supercomputer Program) at UWA and new media artist David Carson.


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