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Mangkaja Arts

About us
The main role of Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency Aboriginal Association is to relieve poverty, helplessness, distress, suffering and cultural loss. The reason why the centre was formed was to develop training programs which would assist its members in improving day to day and longer term living conditions through :
* the encouragement of traditional art and artefact production
* teaching older and younger members about new ways to make art
* to work in with training programs in communities
* to get money for artists through the promotion of local art and
* to publish material relating to local culture which is useful in the
immediate community, so that people feel better about themselves
* to help the young people learn about running the art centre
* to teach all of the members about legal matters such as copyright
* to make sure people are paid fairly for their work
* to work with all the communities in the Fitzroy Valley
* to bring people from other communities for cultural exchanges
* to work towards establishing a museum locally for Fitzroy Valley


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