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V2_Organisation: Institute for Unstable Media

Institute for the Unstable MediaV2_Organisation was founded in 1981 by a group of multi-media artists in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Since 1987 it has focused on the presentation of international developments in machine art and electronic and media art. In 1994, V2_Organisation moved to its current location in the center of Rotterdam and since then has also concentrated on art in electronic networks and on the World Wide Web.V2_ is interested in the combination of and relations between different media and between different artistic and scientific disciplines. It consistently pursues its research about the relationship between art, technology, the media and society by bringing together artists, researchers, social groups and commercial companies, and by initiating interdisciplinary working relations among them. Over the past fifteen years, V2_ has thus created a continuous dialogue with a wide network of contacts on which it draws for the development of particular art projects.V2_ offers a critical perspective on the futuristic promises associated with new media technologies and functions as a platform for debate about the production, distribution and presentation of the art of unstable media.


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