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ArtsHealth Centre for Research and Practice

ArtsHealth Centre for Research & Practice is a new initiative at the University of Newcastle that brings together the research of academics and RHD students in the creative arts with those of academics in the social sciences, sciences, humanities, education, architecture and medicine to focus on studies that investigate and promote community health and public and community-based arts and the development of culturally rich, sustainable and social environments.

Six initial areas of investigation have been identified that link health, well-being, and construction of identity with creative arts research and practice.

1. Dialogues between medical science and art
2. The philosophical and educational foundations and outcomes of art-making and performance as research and practice
3. Applications and outcomes of creativity in therapies and social interventions
4. Public and community based art links to individual and social health, community and empowerment
5. Culture and identity linked to integration and place and site
6. Art as a means of human connection with, and realisation of, the natural world.

University of Newcastle, Callaghan campus, Callaghan NSW 2308

02 4921 7929

02 4921 6895


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