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Macquarie University

Macquarie is home to six national research centres, in addition to more than 20 university and other research centres.Macquarie research citation rates are fourth highest in Australia overall, including first in Engineering and Technology and first in Chemical and Biological Sciences, as reported by the Institute for Scientific Information (USA) for the period 1995-1999.

Department: Centre for Lasers and Applications

The Centre for Lasers and Applications (CLA) was established as a Commonwealth Special Research Centre (Centre of Excellence) in 1988. Its mission was to undertake both basic (academic) research and strategic (applied) research in the development and application of laser devices, techniques and systems at the highest international levels and to apply the outputs of this research to the benefit of Australia.So, for over ten years, scientists under Professor Jim Piper's guidance have been contributing to the areas of solid state lasers, metal vapour lasers , semiconductor lasers, laser chemistry and laser micromachining.. During this time, the CLA has become one the biggest and most respected centres of laser knowledge.



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