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Metis- Science and Technology Awareness Program

At no time since the enlightenment has science and information technology played such a pivotal role in expanding our world view. Artists are aware of the importance of scientific research and the changing perspective that affect contemporary society. The two are inextricably linked. However, to many, the language of science and art is elitist and alienating.Metis shows the applied uses of art and the aesthetic qualities of science - breaking down the elitism of both. This exhibition provides a new communication, a translation amongst many discourses, recognising science as interacting with art culture. Metis creates a synergy between artistic expression and scientific concepts, the workings of science and art - both require experimentation, challenges, invention and creativity to be successful. Metis show-cases professional artists using scientific images to reflect on their own world and the interrogations and discoveries of science. Metis merges the boundaries between the disciplines and highlights the mutual benefits of collaboration of the arts and sciences. This leads to the breaking down of barriers and a free communication between the two communities.Artists and scientists view the world with curiosity and, in seeking answers to their questions, use observation, imagination, creativity, communication and evaluation. The scientist tries to represent a concept, experiments with an idea and tests the validity of the creation. So too does the artist, and both lead to discovery, new vision and illumination.


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