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PAM Group

Performance Aviation Manufacturing Group (U.S.A.)

PAM Group's "flying platform" project started in October 1989. The intent of the program was to provide an aerial vehicle that was stable and so easily controlled that people with very little flying skill could use the vehicle for things such as recreation, cattle ranching, agricultural spraying, emergency medical rescue, law enforcement, and photography.A single engine prototype was flown in 1992. This prototype was shown at the 1994 Sun 'n Fun Air Show. Lessons learned from this vehicle were incorporated into a more sophisticated aircraft, the PAM 100B. We call this aerial concept an Individual Lifting Vehicle or ILV. The PAM 100B concept demonstrator was first publicly flown at the 1999 VA/EAA Air Show in Petersburg, Virginia and also flown at the 2000 Sun 'n Fun Air Show in Lakeland, Florida.

Address PO Box 80, Williamsburg, VA 23187, U.S.A.
Telephone +1 757 570 3265
Facsimile +1 757 229 7380
Email [email protected]


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