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University of South Australia

The University of South Australia is the State's largest university with over 26,000 students, 2,000 staff and six campuses.
The University is a national leader in collaborative industry research, has been recognised nationally for the quality of its teaching and community service and has South Australia's largest intake of international students.
The University is a Foundation member of the Australian Technology Network (ATN) and the Global University Alliance (GUA).

Department: Centre for Sleep Research

The Centre for Sleep Research (CFSR) is an Australian leader in sleep and shiftwork research. Initially part of the University of Adelaide, it was integrated to the University of South Australia in 1996. The CFSR is equipped with state of the art sleep and cognitive neurobehavioural performance laboratories, through which it conducts an extensive research programme.Research activities at the Centre focus on the behavioural and physiological determinants of sleep-wake behaviour; the biological and psychosocial impacts of shiftwork on individuals, organisations and the community; and fatigue modelling. Utilising their expertise in fatigue and shiftwork management, roster design, and organisational psychology, Centre staff provide an extensive consulting service to Australian industry.The Centre also houses an innovative web development team, providing students and staff with access to the latest in desktop and electronic publishing services. It is this unique combination of people and technology that makes the Centre the best equipped facility of its kind in Australia.



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