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University of Tasmania

Department: Digital Art Research Facility

Formed in early 1996 DARF is a research unit of the Tasmanian School of Art at Hobart, a department of the University of Tasmania.DARF has as its mission to :"Develop and conduct research programmes in the exploration and application of digital technology to the Visual Arts, and in so doing develop research training opportunities and methodologies."Currently the major focus of research activities of DARF are upon exploring and extending the potential's of digital imaging and the digital print. However DARF members are conducting research in animation, multimedia and scientific visualisation. DARF's sole financial support is from successful grant applications. DARF has been the recipient of grants from the Australian Research Council small and large grant programmes, and a recipient of a University Research Infrastructure grant. DARF is pioneering the development of research methodologies and collaborative research programmes within the visual arts in Australia.



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