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alana hampton
photo of alana

Navigations of Time, Light + Space – using photographic and time-based visual language to explore Immersive Spaces I investigate the idea/fear of The Deep. Often at night in my kayak (using underwater lights), both above and below the waterline, the images employ a poetic visual language with the intention of moving between the real and non-real, embodying binary contradictions. The movement of the kayak is linear, through space; the photograph records light and captures time making it timeless, reconciling "maternal" time with linear time (Kristeva). In this sense, the kayak/boat space becomes an eliptical portal between realities – both an ancient vessel and transportion vehicle for exploration, and an embodied symbol (archetype: portal/doorway/birth canal) (Medvedev-Mead). Peering below the waterline is akin to entering a liminal space, an unknown realm. The liminal is a mysterious space much like the body, with similar associated fascinations and fears. On a metaphoric level Fear of the Deep and Fear of the Body trigger the same visceral reactions, they are places where psychological shadows lurk, along with opportunities to engage the Other, and kindle a new relationship with the environment.
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