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Angharad Wynne-Jones
photo of Angharad

Angharad Wynne-Jones was born in Chicago, is of Welsh heritage and has lived and worked in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and London. Trained in theatre at Dartington, she co-founded Industrial and Domestic Theatre Contractors, before joining the ICA as a theatre producer.

In 1989 Angharad formed Cake Eaters Productions, a performance company specialising in large-scale site-specific events. In 1994 she became Director of the Performance Space, collaboratively producing and presenting a range of multidisciplinary events including cLUB bENT, a food and performance festival, a festival celebration of Pacific visual and performance culture - Pacific Wave, and the international dance festival- Antistatic.

In 1998 she (as Executive Producer) and Gideon Obarzanek established Chunky Move, a performance company, presenting innovative dance events in theatres and clubs. Angharad joined Peter Sellars as Associate Director in the 2002 Adelaide Festival, and established an international independent production house, risingtide-productions in 2004, working with some of Melbourne's most respected artists including Lucy Guerin.

She was appointed Director of Lift (London International Festival of Theatre) in March 2005, where she led a process of major organisational and artistic change with the creation of a new mobile venue for a series of festivals co-programmed by artists and by the communities that hosted them. She returned to Melbourne in November 2008.

She has been on a number of Boards and Panels: including the Australia Council Hybrid, New Media and Dance Boards, Lucy Guerin Inc, Real Time, Snuff Puppets and Total.
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