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Antonio Giacomin
photo of Antonio

Antonio Giacomin was born in Trieste in 1974. He has been working with video since 1993, the year in which he participated in the Locarno Videoart Festival with La Rosa. His first experimental feature-length film, 0, dates from 2002; it is a mixture of video, theatre, music and performance. The following year he started "duopixel", together with the artist Elisa Vladilo, who works with interactive artistic installations: together they produced "Videoelogio alla lentezza"
(Videoeulogy to slowness). In 2004, he presented m0r3l, an interactive video-dance performance. He then made the video DanSneg, which was screened at many video dance festivals, including Riccione TTV festival (Italy), Monaco Dance Forum (Montecarlo), Dance and Media Japan (Tokyo), Frammenti di Danza at Galleria d'arte Moderna, Roma (Italy), Le Vie della Danza, Modena (Italy), and Screen Dance Jakarta(Indonesia), as a result of its presence in the Italian selection of
Prix Italia for the year 2004. In 2005 he realized his first documentary film, "Za svobodo - Per la liberta'" (For freedom), screened at Trieste Film Festival. In the same year participated in the project ALPHABET CITY TOPOGRAPHY with NEITHER, an installation by Ivan Talijancic. During 2006 he founded, an innovative web television channel and created, in partnership with Dof, the Emotional Media Project, exploring video and arts in enterprise communication. In 2006, he began collaborating with a number of theatres to create "videoenvironments" for various productions, including Goldoni's Il campiello for the Slovenian Theatre in Trieste (Italy), where the set was entirely computer generated and interactive with the actors; a Manga-style video projection for the Mascagni lyric opera "Iris" presented at the Fondazione Teatro Goldoni in Livorno (Italy); and four computer-controlled projections presented as part of Wagner's opera "Der fliegende hollaender" (The flying dutchman) at the Fondazione
Teatro Verdi - Trieste (Italy). In summer 2007 he designed video and projection system for the video-opera "X" produced by Waxfactory and Freqwerk in Zurich and Geneva (Switzerland) based on a computer controlled video system leaded by live music and surround pre-recorded soundscapes and in fall 2007 the video scene of "I giganti della
montagna" (The mountain giants) at Teatro Argentina in Rome (Italy)based on two simultaneous videoprojections. The ongoing projects are the videodesign for "Dutchess of Malfi" in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and the videodesign of the lyric opera "Madame Butterfly" in Paphos (Cyprus).
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