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Cameron Wilson
photo of Cameron

I am presently the Bioscience Catalyst at The Edge, State Library of Queensland. My public engagement work there includes a collaborative project encompassing microbiology, design, fashion and DIY science and technology.

My main research interests at present are in tissue engineering and formation of vascular networks. I am particularly interested in developing new in vitro techniques and models as research tools, but I am also interested in their potential for visualisation and a form of sculpture.

I believe there is marvellous potential for the creative arts to not just draw on or respond to scientific and technological developments, but also to contribute to them, by seeing problems from a different angle. Under pressures to constantly publish results and win grants, researchers can get bogged down in convention, and I think collaboration with artists is a great opportunity to break this.

As a poet and musician (under the name mr oCean), I have performed at events in Berlin, Brisbane and London, and been published in Australia, Germany, UK and New Zealand.
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