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claire nicklin
photo of claire

My own process and art work foundations lie in my avid interest in Science and Technology. I create sculptural Landscapes using organic material, through the use of Technology.

I like to call these exposed qualities”Landscapes”. These “Landscapes” as I like to call them, exist in motion in the Digital world. This also creates specialness for the viewer can only witness this in their entirety when they are accessed through the means of Technology; this in itself is “another world”.
In response to my own work and the idea of creating a space within a space I started to look at the world of Psychology and to gain a better understanding of why my recent art practise is concerned with views of the “inner” and the “outer”, of creating spaces that may contain or deal with both of these possibilities.
I came across the writings of Gaston Bachelard in particular a chapter from “The Poetics of Space” called “Intimate immensity’s”. One particular quote from this “In certain almost supernatural inner states, the depth of life is entirely revealed in the spectacle, however ordinary, that we have before our eyes, and which becomes the symbol of it”.
Bachelard refers to the intimate space can be revealed as the enormous, our daydreams come from an intimate space, places we choose to re-visit or new scenarios we choose to create, they are an extension of ourselves and in our conscious daydream state they are amplified and have no boundaries, almost like space its self. This idea of “intimate immensity’s” also has some kind of correlation to my own art practise as I create some thing immense from something so intimately tiny.
Franz Kaffka’s story entitled “Metamorphosis” has also had an effect on the work from the stand point that we can/or things can change from one thing to the next, that may be from a physical or mental perspective.
My intention is, to invite the viewer into a space via film, a space they have never seen before nor have any knowledge of. The work takes me and the audience on a journey, escaping into a world we do not know, there are no obvious markers or patterns that we can make sense of. Visually the landscape is disorientating and we are constantly looking for familiar markers to make sense of the imagery shown, the audience is invited to step into it not merely to witness but, to be a part of the exploration and discovery process. The scenes I create and capture through my video work may been seen as snap shots of an alternate place or a view into another world. The sense of scale is also purposefully left to the audience’s imagination, when in reality the images and scenes captured are immensely small.
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