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Daniel Bisig
photo of Daniel

In my research I explore and evaluate concepts and methodologies from those sciences, which pursue a synthetic approach, with regard to their applicability to art and design. The synthetic principle of abstraction of natural processes and their reimplementation in an artifact is very common in art and steadily gains in importance in science. I'm particularly interested in the fuzzy boundary region between the scientific fields of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life and the artistic fields of interactive and generative art. Topics such as emergence, self-organization, complexity, autonomy, adaptivity and diversity are of general interest to art and science and form a potential basis for a mutual exchange. Complex and self-organized systems have a great appeal for art, since they possess the capability to continuously change, adapt and evolve. In addition, such systems tend to respond to user input in surprising and non-trivial ways and can therefore be very rewarding for users who engage inexploratory forms of interaction.
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