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David Apfel
photo of David

el club de los astronautas is a space advocacy group of artists. its mission is to promote a manned, interstellar voyage. its approach is to find and debate strategies that might make stand out this idea beyond fiction, hopefully during our life-time! therefore a hypothetical spaceship is suggested:
the mare nostrum spaceship (the mns). to realize a million-years interstellar voyage, assuming the auspicious premise to find some sexy aliens, the essential, first step is to overcome our biological limits and to transform into a new kind of (human) existence.

the mns builds upon the fallowing ideas and topics:

- regenerative and anti-ageing medicine, stem cell and gene therapy
- new pharmaceuticals, nootropics and adult neurogenesis
- neurally-controlled animats, biomechanics and artificial organs
- supercomputing, neurosimulation and neuronal modeling
- neurotechnolgy, brain computer interfaces and neuroprosthetics
- the metaverse and the socio-psychology of the avatar and the internet
- bioethics, technopolitics, science fanatism and human rights

to read the full mns roadmap check out

recent video-net-art-project:

work before 2009:
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