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David Khang
photo of David

David Khang is a Vancouver-based artist whose practice is informed by multiple educational trajectories. Through the use of languages, prosthetics, and site-specific histories, Khang explores the poetics and politics of global relations. After receiving his BSc (Psychology & Physiology) and DDS (University of Toronto, 1991), Khang received his BFA from Emily Carr Institute (2000), and MFA with Emphasis in Critical Theory at the University of California, Irvine (2004). Khang is an Adjunct Faculty at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design (Vancouver) and Goddard College (Vermont). He has exhibited and performed nationally and internationally. Khang is a 2007 recipient of the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art (NYC). In 2009-2010, Khang will be an artist-in-residence at SymbioticA Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts (Perth, AUS), where he will conduct research that fuses his dual training in art and dentistry. For the project Amelogenesis (Im)Perfecta, Khang will borrow techniques, technologies, and biomaterials from dental science – specifically tissue culturing – to explore possibilities of growing enamel in vitro to produce what are in effect ‘enamel sculptures.’ The work is intended to raise issues and questions of our bodily relationships to objects, prosthetics, morbidity, and mortality. For the project In Search of the Cusp of Carabelli Among Other Traits, Khang will observe and analyze Australian Aboriginal dental health and anatomy. The project will critically question and reflect on scientific metric methods of quantifying and classifying peoples according to dental and oro-facial anatomy. The intent is to suggest alternate models of understanding race that are necessarily more complex and reflective of our contemporary and cosmopolitan cultures.
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