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Donna Maree Robinson
photo of Donna Maree

Donna Maree Robinson is an Australian based video collage and installation artist who works across a variety of disciplines and media. Her work explores the poetic potential of environments infused with layers of meaning, imagination, memories and history; a visual intersection of the natural world and our human impact upon it.
'Pathogenicity' is the result of an art-science collaboration that took place in 2015. The work is an artistic exploration of the microbiological analysis of water quality at a water treatment plant.
It explores the repetitious nature of lab analysis and its cylindrical equipment, juxtaposing it with layers of concentric fluidity and the rich luminous nature of the reactive work.
Striving to visualise the invisible, the imagery combines fact with fiction to reflect elements of the microscopic, ranging from waterborne bacterium to its imaginative journey into human cells.
It unveils a visceral spectacle that provides us with a portal into human health concerns and the analysis of a globally fragile and finite resource.

Still from 'Pathogenicity' Single- channel HD video, colour, sound

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