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Herwig Turk
photo of Herwig

Blindspot is an interdisciplinary research project about perception, developed by Herwig Turk and Dr. Paulo Pereira in cooperation with Beatriz Cantinho. The project aims at investigating perception in a broader context as well as its circumstances, its determinants and its contingencies. The proceedings in the research laboratories in vision sciences are translated into different settings, thereby creating a meta-language that crosses traditional boundaries between science and art. At the same time, a new heterotopic space for experimentation is created where objects, gestures and language separated from their supporting context gain new dimensions. The approach used by the authors adopts the formal structure of a research project, starting with the hypothesis that Science represents an imperfect means whereby perception is used as a privileged means o assess reality (an improved means to an unimproved end, Thoreau)

Dr.Paulo Pereira, Herwig Turk, Coimbra/PT 2006
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