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Kassandra Bossell
photo of Kassandra

My art work uses sculpture and installation to address the fragility of natural environments and the interdependence of life forms. Working alongside scientific exploration, I trace patterns and states of transformation shared by different life forms, linking micro and macro worlds.

I engage with the work as a conversation played out between interconnected life forms, using the wax's qualities of reflection, opacity and transparency to indicate the complexity and limits of human perception. Flame, carbon and wax are often used in a visual discussion, reflecting the global polemic around carbon and oil.
I explore processes of creation and destruction whilst addressing notions of healing. Using a blowtorch to burn timber panels, I then draw lines with chisels. I cast hardened waxes to re-flesh the carved and burned panels. My vision is to track and learn from symbiotic relationships in order to develop ideas on collaborative systems, cycles and structures.
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