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Lorry Wedding-Marchioro
photo of Lorry

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."
Marcel Proust

How do we perceive reality? Cultural and societal influences play a large role in our view of the world around us, but beneath the surface are the effects of quantum physics playing a role in the way we see?

My work uses the science of quantum physics from a philosophical point of view, to examine the concept of reality. Exploring the viewpoint that the world we consciously perceive is transitory, an illusion, created by the complex mechanical workings of our brain, as influenced by the theories of quantum physics.

Research into the esoteric nature of quantum physics has provided potent inspiration for a series of sculptures and paintings which seek to portray a sense of heightened awareness, the notion of the vibratory nature of reality and attempts to evoke a subconscious response in the viewer, art having the ability to express ideas in ways that scientific theories cannot.

The work endeavours to portray a sense of the entangled nature of reality, the moment before waveforms collapse when they are affected by the observer effect. The very nature of the work ensures that the observer directs their own experience, the image is subject to distortion depending on the position of the observer.
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