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mitum back
photo of mitum

mitumBACK is a global transdisciplinary project resting upon two basic approaches

firstly we have the artistic approach - mitumBACK - a label trans fair -here we try to connect people directly with the clothing we brought back with our new emancipatory strategies using label mitumBACK

secondly we have the scientific approach - mitumBACK - reverse engineering globalization - where we tried to use art in forms and figures as a medium to transfer knowledge in both directions, beyond clichés and borders. to transform the postcolonial dumping ground for world waste – and overcome this segregation concept in a rethinking process -
because africa is no dumping place.

mitumba means the discarded textiles, that come from the abundance of European wardrobes into commercial container collection and hike a little later on each African market for sale. Mitumba is the garbage of “western” prosperity consumption - and a good business.

- mitumBACK - reverse engineering globalization - changed the direction of this global process: The project buys donated old clothes back in Tanzania, and fair pay the African embroiderers to handmade labels which signify these clothes as a new way of art and cultural understanding. With this new label they are reintegrated into the Western market and on special occasions they are sold in the so called “mitumBACK - pop up flagship store” - where you can see all of the works and informations we have gained by doing this project.

- mitumBACK - a label trans fair - wear it, be a part of the idea. Pay as you please - but with three different price models to give you some insight behind the different relations of the price of the former donation and with the profit gained through the proceeds of the sale we try to finance schools ( for example mungumaji school in singida where we also held lectures about our project) or other direct microfinancing projects.

- mitumBACK isn´t just a new label, it is also an experiment to rethink global structures, codes and habits based on classical models, by art, science and fashion.
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