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Myriam Solar
photo of Myriam

Myriam Solar, a Madrid based transdisciplinary artist, writer, curator and independent researcher- theorist and practical - experiments in several Emerging Fields connected to the complexity art with the sciences of water and the complexity, fractal geometry, chemistry, AI, physics and ethology. Her research interests include in the complexity art and aesthetics where she is a pioneer, the chemical, geometric and quantum processes, the fractal processing, visualization and shape in dynamic surfaces of water and natural environment, the quantum dimension of the complexity art in an space of more than four dimensions and processes of interaction human and non human with the multiverse; the natural complexity, the physical territory of the complexity and the origin of the quantum poetic and literature and the natural non human languages and the formation of dynamic patterns of complexity, the fractal geometry and the biodiversity aesthetics, the interaction processes human-non human, cognition and intelligence in shared environments and the zoomorphic literature. Myriam has worked within the independent research community for the past 5 years. Her publications include “ The quantum dimension of the complexity art and its quanta interacting”, 2009 [Plastik] Art & Sscience,Nº 1 Etre ici et lá: la relativité générale et la physique quantique, Cerap-Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris(France) ; « Physimorphirme and complexity art »2010, Adaptation-Unruly ecologies, biodiversity and art a Symbiotica, Simposium University of Western Australia(Australia); “ El big bang y el territorio de la complejidad en la poética cuántica” 2010, ExP Experimental Poetics and Aesthetics, Nº 0, University of Canterbury, New Zealand; “ Mathematical complexity of the water”, 2011 Science & Math-based Art Contest, Art for Science Sake Next Big Idea Festival of Discovery, Invention & Innovation, Los Alamos, New Mexico (Usa); “ Destruction and cognitive complexity in terrestrial gastropods and human interaction”, 2011, Animal People-a shared Environment, 4th Biennial Conference of the Australian Animal Studies Group, Griffith University, Brisbane(Australia); “ Complexity Art: A Patterns of Transdisciplinary Emergent Properties”, 2012, SE-AD Working Group Full White Papers. Reviews of her research work have been published in Fractale in der Kunst at Offnungszeiten 4/97 Papiere zur Designinformatik-HBK,Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Universiteit de Braunschweig, Braunschweig(Germany) 1997, Troisieme edition L´Ingenieur et les Fractales, INRIA, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, Arcachon(France),1997 World´s Women on Line, Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University, ASUTempe(Usa), course 502/2007 "Otras Meninas" University of North Caroline/Greensboro(Usa), Myriam Solar y la formalización de una poética cuántica, University of Canterbury,New Zealand, 2006, El arte de la complejidad: aleatoriedad, fractalidad,caos, Mecad e-Journal, Barcelona, 2000, Work in Progress 1993-1997,ACC L´Angelot, Web Art “Lo humano y lo invisible”, Barcelona, catalogues and academic articles.
She has had solo and group exhibitions and video screenings in galleries, museums, biennials, world conferences, universities of more than 12 countries around of the world and Internet and is in collections at University of London(England), The Florida Museum of Hispanic & Latin American Art, Miami, (Usa), Museo de Grabado Español Contemporáneo, Marbella(Spain). Her research work focused on the intersection of art-sci-tech-nature has allowed leading a new line of thought with the creation and curating of avant-garde art spaces for international exhibitions, Spain 2003 and 2004.
In literature she has written 15 books of poetry, narrative for children and adults and aesthetics and her writing that include new forms of reading with multimedia work, original music, video and film made by herself has been presented in multilingual and multimedia Reading, Biennials, Festivals, Congresses, International Projects, Universities, Centers of Art, Literary Groups, international Galleries, Fairs and international Organisms of Spain, Mexico, China, Canada, USA, United Nations and Internet; Anthologies of Spain, Italy, Canada, France, Usa and Mexico and has been translated into French and English. Her highlighted project - work in progress - is her webmuseum Q-Literary Museum focuses in quantum poetic, a new form of writing that includes multimedia systems design and involves an evolution of the sensibility based in forms of complex interaction with organic fields that give materiality to the writing.
Previous to becoming an Independent Researcher, Myriam was a Researcher and Professor of Mass Communication in University of Chile where she served also as Academic and Chair of seminars of title, examinations of pleasant and professional practice and afterwards she served as Assistant of Research and Professor of Training College for Teachers Programm in Universidad Complutense of Madrid. She received a degre title of Journalism from the University of Chile, an post-degree in Mass Communication from the University of Navarra, a title of Graduate in Information Sciences from University Complutense of Madrid with studies of Doctorate in Information Sciences from last University.
Myriam was awarded with numerous prizes in Italy, Spain, Sweden and Chile, being last in 2009 with International Nosside World Poetry Prize, Poesia in video in Lingua Spagnola Menzione Particolare, Italy, in 2010 was featured as Digital Work in Hispanic Electronic Literature from Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library, Spain, in 2011 her webmuseum Q-Literary Museum was nominee Best of the Web 2011 in the category Audio/Visual/Podcast Small Museum of Musems and the Web 2011 Conference in Philadepphia(Usa), in 2011 she was Finalist in Science & Math-based Art Contest, Art for Science Sake Next Big Idea Festival of Discovery, Invention & Innovation, Los Alamos, New Mexico (Usa).
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