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Nancy Mauro-Flude
photo of Nancy

nancy mauro-flude [sister O, s.g. ballerina] practices multinodal, translocal collaborations, virtual kinship communities, and media mergering, (entwining incongruent sensory codes, signs and knowledge's together). Often artist in residence at DasArts: advanced research institute in theatre and dance studies. Former scholar at Institute of Somatic Movement Studies Institute, and Department of Performance Studies Sydney University. Currently a recipient from Australia Council for the Arts - new media artist residency programme at 'is theatre ltd.' She integrates the software KeyWorx with her writing, dance and sound work in the form of 'sister O electrik-theatrik Operation'. This year has seen nancy conduct a 2 month empirical research
in sth. Colombian jungle - exploring ancient media of sound, dance, plants and divination and an artist residency at Sensing Presence lab: a division of 'Waag society of / old and new media in Amsterdam' the in-house developers of KeyWorx. This is part of Dasarts Field work. She frequently collaborates on sister O with Linda Dement and Michelle Teran.sister O conducts Operations in order to explore modes of subversion, collaboration, and collectivity. An unlocatable mesmeriser connected to
her environment she grounds digital experience in the compost heaps of the real world. sister O conducts 'electrik-theatrik Operations' in order to shift cyclic patterns of inertia to spiralic lines of force with her divination tools, she transmits and receives various data flows to and from vexed places to heal, anointing, creating movement and conversation where there is is apathy and stagnation. sister O re-configures and reeducate cells, organs and neural networks, with light, dance and sound via keyworx software, virtual and physical cells are reprogrammed through the movement of dance and vibration and resonance of sound.
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