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Russell Anderson
photo of Russell

Russell's art practice is focused on whimsical kinetic sculpture - small and large. His artworks are a play on consumer behavior - creating desirable but completely unnecessary appliances that seduce people to buy. He often makes art in series as a way of exploring concept as well as amplifying the appliance's absurdity - "So you built this Bubble Machine from scratch? What? You've built two? And you're working on a third?!?!."

Although it doesn't negate the need for a conceptual basis, Russell strongly believes a person should be able to access and appreciate artwork without having a degree. He thinks this is especially true of work in the public realm; the general public isn't making an active decision to engage with artworks (eg visit a gallery) - the artwork is in "their" space. He endeavours to address this issue in his work by providing multiple access points including visual aesthetics, attention to detail, sense of whimsy, complexity and the balance of form and function. Public appreciation for his artwork ranges from pure fun and enjoyment (children running after the bubble machine) to serious discussion of the mechanics "looks like a rolling beam suspension you've got there laddie".
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