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Sharon Gershoni
photo of Sharon

Artist-Scientist’s Statement

I hold a postdoctoral position and an artist in residence in the ICNC (Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation) at the Hebrew University. My research in visual perception investigates the role of pictorial balance in the interaction between the physical organizational properties of objects in the visual field and the perceptual and cognitive processes of the visual experience. The importance of balance to our visual experience is evident in art, which sees pictorial balance as the primary principle that unifies the elements of a perceived image. Balance in the composition has the power to turn a random array of element into a cohesive harmonious picture. A few of the questions I ask are: The processes involved in balance perception? Is it affected by the length of the gaze, memory, attention? And how does spatial location affect it?
In order to answer these questions we calculate the balance in images of Japanese calligraphy we use as stimuli,
The roots of my work lie in two traditions: art and science. Having practiced as both an artist and a scientist simultaneously, I find that for me each field has informed the other. In my photographs I construct an artistic visual experiment that challenges some established ideas in the science of human visual perception. The photographs are works of tiling images, which I took from nature- trees, weeds or grasses, or parts of architectural structures such as temples. By tiling the images, I create patterns composed of many other patterns. This invites us to focus and re-focus on different local elements within the whole and allows our visual system to perceive illusory forms and geometrical shapes and an illusion of depth. The photographs are printed with a unique sharp quality even for extremely large sizes and invite a prolonged contemplative look at the photographs.
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