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Stacey Switzer
photo of Stacey

Artistic Director of Grand Arts

Big ideas need generous and critical support. Grand Arts offers this and more as a catalyst for artistic experimentation and production. We offer an environment for artists to pursue their ideas, to move their work forward and to make something extraordinary happen.

I had everything I needed to complete my work: plenty of volunteer help, materials and time to experiment, housing, food, car, gym, a well-organized, supportive staff. This allowed me to focus solely on my work. It is a very unique residency. Grand Arts is a one-of-a-kind space. — Rosemarie Fiore

At Grand Arts, artists can rely on the support of our expert staff and fully equipped facilities. By providing the best possible conditions in which to work, Grand Arts has earned a reputation for being experimental, flexible, proficient and dynamic. Artists who are ready to explore, engage and produce will find a rigorous collaborative environment with resources tailored to meet the needs of each project.
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