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Stephanie Rajalingam
photo of Stephanie

The Magic Wallpaper Project: Hideous Beauties Collection is a part of a body of work that proposes an interactive installation that explores the realm between Art and Science. It is also further expanded by a printed wallpaper medium.

Drawing upon microscope imagery from living human, plant and animal tissue, this digital wallpaper collection explores the themes of heartbreak, environmental decay as well the tragedy and drama of pond life by means of digital projection. It also builds its own visual language through repeated typographic patterns that reveal the textures made by cells. This project features a stellar cast of human blood, slime mould, plant ovaries and live specimens fighting to the death.

Users are invited to take the different plastic artefacts resembling scientific glass slides and place them under the microscope in order to view their microscopic titles, as well as experience, on the grand canvas of the wall, what happens in the invisible world.

This project was made possible through close collaboration with many scientists and other contributors in Sydney. Many thanks to these people.
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