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Vienna Parreno
photo of Vienna

Parreno who sometimes work under the pseudonym Impermenant Media Projects is an artist-writer who finds a natural home online, perhaps as a subconscious reaching-out of the migrant within. Never mind the internets ability to provide an interface and structural frame/work for a protean practice that has investigated various time-based media from performance, video, sound and installation to the expanded modes of object based media in-between.

The preference for a multiplicity of practice is perhaps a generational defence to prevent a certain boredom from settling in. And/or the conscious strategic rejection of a pinning down that quickly turns into death by mannerism or cultural stereotype and classification that is easy to digest and therefore easy to discard. The medium is part of the message is part of the persona and the persona is perhaps a work of art of its own. Boundaries become us if we let it, but it also falls away if we disregard it. Free spirited geeks don’t see boundaries at all for all the fun they have creating and sharing.
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