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The ‘anemocinegraph’ is a 19th Century instrument for visually graphing wind movements. This version of the instrument employs micro and macro images and sounds based on meteorological data. The project includes animated images of Aotearoa’s weather patterns from the Landcare Research database from NOAA-17, our local satellite. The audio track is based on micro-meteorological data, sourced from the carbon emissions from peat-mined land at a weather station in Torehape.

This project investigates the idea that there are complimentary methods of creating a ‘world picture’ through scientific data collection (the ‘top down’ remote perspective and ‘bottom up’ experiential process of surface recording).

LOCATION The Academy, University of Waikato, Hamilton
The Waikato Museum of Art and Culture, Hamilton (forthcoming)
Presented at SCANZ, Taranaki


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