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Ashina Royal Dynasty DNA Project

The Ashina Royal Dynasty DNA Project in FTDNA, Houston, USA. Today it is the Qasar/Khazar/Kosa/Gesa Clan of Xiongnu/Tiele-
Toquz Oghuz, Qasar/Kosa of Nine Tiele Names, Tūjué Hésà DNA Project.
International Society for Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) classify it as the
European Geographical Project. It was the very first DNA project with
aim to properly attribute origin of haplogroup Q-M242 among Ashkenazi.
This name was coin to describe hetereogenous judaised rulling class of
the Khazarian Empire. Conclusions of the project has been verified by
iGENEA of Switzerland - the largest European genetic genealogy
organization. In artistic front findings emerged from this project in
fields of ethnography, history and culture was transformed in to
series of artworks presented on one-man show of prof. Alfred Freddy Krupa in the City Museum of


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