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Chromeskin is an interactive artwork that consists of two aspects - physical and virtual - arranged at counterpoise. Chrome, wrapped over the human form, is the linking element that bridges between the two domains in this work. Chrome is employed because it is a null surface - a source of reflection that only quotes the world that it inhabits. The work incorporates a full size physical Chromeskin - a chromium plated, mirror finished, mannequin, as well as a virtual Chromeskin that runs 'inside the machine'. Virtual Chromeskin runs on the purpose-built ‘Quadrascope’ device. Quadrascope is an omidirectional interface device that displays a lifesize animated version of Chromeskin on each side of a large rectangular enclosure. The device incorporates four 130cm plasm screens that show images derived from the Chromeskin laserscan dataset. Chromeskin data is processed against the current visual field around it the device in realtime. Observers are able to walk up to and around Quadrascope and approach its surfaces closely. On each face a representation of mirror surfaced Chromeskin is displayed, with the figure constantly reflecting and reacting to the movements of the viewer.


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