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Epileptograph: The Internal Journey

The original aim of 'Epileptograph: the internal journey' was to explore visceral perceptions experienced during the awareness process leading to the regaining of consciousness following epileptic episodes (of one and only individual: Isabelle Delmotte).Over time, the physical and emotional sensations experienced during the creative process have provided greater personal insight into the loss of mental faculties, the physiology of emotions and their effect on the body’s consciousness . This work in progress involves the exploration and retrieval of body memories through the use of empirical audio-visual techniques, which engage, with the exponential limits of the artist’s body.The nature of Delmotte’s artwork, documenting some personal experience of epilepsy, has meant that it has provided key insights for the medical profession. It is therein one of the few instances where the final artwork has been integrated into the research undertaken by the science industry. (Refer 1994 ANAT Art Research and Development Fund Acquittal)


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