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1997 - 2006
"The following is neither fiction nor is it non-fiction. It is the only way I can find to tell what has just happened to me. I have used Eurydice and Orpheus, for they are empty, mythic names."

Kathy Acker Eurydice in the Underworld Arcadia Press 1998 UK

Kathy Acker had a double mastectomy in 1996. She wrote Eurydice in the Underworld about that experience. It was her final work of fiction, for although she managed to clear her body of cancer, it returned, and she died on November 29th, 1997.

We were planning a collaboration, an interactive digital piece, using Eurydice in the Underworld as a starting point. We had begun work on interactive elaborations of six of the roughly thirteen locations described in the story. This particular undertaking Kathy described as "...transforming death, this is how I saw the whole thing, transforming through death." (KA 11/6/97).

I continued with the project alone after her death, trying to produce the interactive we had begun. After many frustrating months I realised that the interactive form was no longer right. Interactivity is touch and response; alive. Kathy was dead. Movement had ceased. I produced instead large still images for the locations in the story; the red bed with stuffed animals, the room designed to suck up human life, the red room from Jane Eyre, Orpheus head floating down the river Hebrus, girls and blood under the dirt.....

The images were output as Lambda mural prints, each 1 x 2.25 m, and mounted on aluminium.


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