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'A lot of people want to thank Mizuguchi. After his address he was crowded by fans asking for answers and autographs.' – The Age

Produced as part of Australia's premiere screen arts festival Melbourne-on-Screen, GameTime is a major international event dedicated to diverse aspects of game culture.

It presented, amongst other leading and emerging game designers, artists and theorists, Tetsuya Mizuguchi�one of the most respected and highly sought after games authority in the industry, best known as the ground-breaking creative genius behind the world-wide popular games SEGA Rally, Rez, Space Channel5.

Executive Producer: Antoanetta Ivanova
Symposium Conveners: Antoanetta Ivanova, Josephine Starrs

Speakers: Tetsuya Mizuguchi (J), Mark Pesce (USA/Aus), Ken Perlin (USA), Katie Salen (USA), David Giles (Aus), Isabelle Arvers (Fr), Angela Ndalianis (Aus) John McCormick (Aus), Igloo (Bruno Martelli/Ruth Gibson, UK), Irina Aristarkhova (Sg), Patrick Crogan (Aus), Debra Polson (Aus)


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