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PROJECT: In_Step (Sensory Foot Bandages + holdable tactile feedback device)

ARTIST COLLABORATORS- Keith Armstrong (Media Artist, Brisbane) & High Tea With Mrs Woo (Fashion Designers, Newcastle),
assisted by Leah Heiss (Designer, RMIT, Melbourne) and Alistair Ridell (Sound Artist, Canberra)

"Let the ground rise up to resist us, let it prove porous, spongy, rough, irregular, let it assert its native title, its right to maintain its traditional surfaces" (Paul Carter)

The work considers how we might "release the ground for movement in order to release our movement for the ground".

HOW: By feeling the changing contact points between your foot and the ground when walking - felt in a soft sculpture that you hold in your hands, or place on your body. You may then give that device to someone else so that they can then feel the qualities of your walk.

1: A pair of bandages for the feet with soft, flexible fabric sensors on the ball of the feet, toes and heel.
2: A soft sculptural form held in the hands with actuators that tap gently through the fabric in step with your walk

CORE IDEA At present we move with an extreme lightness on the ground resulting from our extraordinary heaviness upon it - yet we sense our "ungroundedness, the fragility of our claim on the soil", demonstrated through our "engineering instinct to wipe it out; to lay our foundations on rationally apprehensible level ground". (Paul Carter)

FURTHER REFERENCES Chinese traditional foot bandaging


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