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Kimberley Project

I am about to embark on a three month photographic and filming expedition on the remoter areas of Australia's Kimberley coast. I have received some fortunate sponsorship and support to spend three months practicing my 'art in nature' style of photographic art.

To gain an introduction to what I am doing, you can view work at my current website "Giant Tides" and to get a more specific idea of my current project directions you can go to "Fine Art Photography from remote shores".

I do most of my work with macro photography presenting fine art values and anthropomorphic values in marine animals and some insects.

This next period will see a greater focus on the 'drying reef' environments.

The reason I am communicating with you is that I have come to understand that my work can be of assistance to help scientists get people interested in the marine environment. I have gathered co travellers from the marine science world as my project has developed. I will be working alongside some scientists from the West Australian Marine Science Institute during part of this 3 month expedition. I am putting out some communication to a few people and organizations about what I am doing so that I get some lead time for people to grasp what I am doing. I will essentially be out of effective communication during most of the expedition period so it is important for me to make some early contacts.

I want to start discussing what I can do with this collection and associated media when I return; and intend exhibiting during 2011.

I would very much appreciate it if you are able to find the time to look at the websiteI "Fine Art Photography from remote shores" and offer any ideas as feedback as to how I might be able to work in with the science communication community to present my work.

I depart fro Darwin aboard a vessel named the "Olivia J" that has been generously made available by Tropical Marine Services.

There is a blog (Kimberley Blog) on my website where I will endeavor to update progress at the few communities where we may access broadband during the project period.

Please pass this communication on to any other parties you feel might find interest in the project, if you think that is appropriate.


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