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paintedSKY features the world's first successful recording of the Aurora Borealis in stereoscopic 3D and will be premiered in Australia during BEAP 07 at Horizon, the biggest planetarium in Australasia. The Aurora Borealis, and its Southern equivalent the Aurora Australis, are stunning atmospheric displays representing the dynamic relationship between the Earth and the Sun. Horizon's manager Pete Wheeler says, "Aurora have always intrigued me and, as yet, just like most people, I've not been fortunate to see such a wonderful phenomenon." The making of this mesmerizing 3D video recording involved the placement of groups of cameras ten miles apart on frozen lakes deep within the Arctic Circle of Finnish Lapland, with temperatures as low as -40C. The exhibition features a 3D movie of the Aurora Borealis extracted from these cameras.

paintedSKY is a collaboration between videographer Brian McClave, electronic musician and atmospheric physicist George Millward, Thomas Ulich, a geophysicist at Finland's Sodankyl Geophysical Observatory, and Western Australian artist David Carson.


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