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Produced as the inaugural exhibition of the library's multimedia gallery, +playengines+ was presented in association with MelbourneDAC conference. In three artistic new media genres: computer games, interactive film and streaming media including and hypertext, the exhibition explored the phenomenon of play as a critical way of engaging with, and creating within, the digital arts.

Curator: Antoanetta Ivanova

Artists: A. Nandi (Belgium), A. Bacic (Aus), D. Karalus (Aus), D. Slattery (USA), D. Leishman (Scotland), E. Stern (USA), gameLab (USA), H. Hoogerbrugge (Nlds), J. Pauw (Belgium), J. Moloney (NZ), K. Richards/R. Gibson (Aus), Lycette Bros. (Aus), L. Sanderson/P. Sansom (Aus), M. Amerika (USA), M. Flanagan (USA), Metraform (Aus), Mez (Aus), M. Glaser/A. Hutchison/M-L Xavier (Aus), R. Kendall (Aus), selectParks (Aus), S. Brown (USA), Skop (Ger), S. Moulthrop (USA), T. Innocent (Aus), W. Yang (Ch)


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