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This unique Australian-French collaboration focused on computer games culture and its influence on interactive media art as explored by Australian and French artists, developers and filmmakers.

Producer: Antoanetta Ivanova
Curators: Antoanetta Ivanova (Aus), Isabelle Arver (Fr)

Artists: J. Alma/L. Hart (Fr), Thomas Cheysson (Fr), A. Cianci/M. et D. Coulin (Fr), Nicolas Clauss (Fr), L. Cmielewski/J. Starrs (Aus), Marc Em (Fr), Andy Hook, (Aus), Troy Innocent (Aus), Nathan Jurevicius (Aus), Emmanuel Kodjo (Fr), Krome Studios (Aus), M. Le Chevallier (Fr), Le Ciel Est Bleu (Fr), Lycette Bros. (Aus), Medianet (Aus), Jules Moloney (Aus), Panoplie (Fr), Rolito (Fr), selectparks (Aus), Wicked Witch (Aus), Warlpiri Media (Aus)


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