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Recombinant series

The Recombinant series consisted of sculpted hybrid readymade and semi ready-mades of variable dimensions. Diminutive semi- organic foetal forms encased in polyesten resin and glass within laboratory test tubes are suggestive of specimens whose development is interrupted and terminated in the early stages . The work refers to technological constructions of novel hybrid entities via in vivo manipulations in the laboratory .This work was inspired by DNA extraction research undertaken within a microbiology laboratory and by using virtual laboratory simulation software at Newcastle University. The forms depict fictional hybrids comprised of organic and inanimate parts. These 3D components were part of works in progress. Materials included; digital manipulated 2D images of these same forms (not depicted) either backlit on Duratrans or printed on paper and displayed under clear Perspex. Other materials used included; digital manipulations Duratrans, fluorescent light acrylic paper test tubes pigment polyesten resin modelling compound stainless steel readymade objects reflections.


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