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Synaesthesia and the Affect of Programming in SuperCollider

I am interested in the use of the SuperCollider audio synthesis language as a tool for accessing new ideas around both human perception and the relationship between the Self and the computer.

The practical outcome of my Honours is the completion of a piece of digital art, the underlying concept of which necessitates the use of SuperCollider – an audio synthesis programming language. This work will attempt to synthesise knowledge gleaned from my research around proprioception, affect and synaesthesia.

I envision this work as a triptych, consisting of three panels or screens. On the first screen and forming the crux of the work, is a film of SuperCollider code been entered being entered by the user (myself). On the second screen is a film of the post-window, containing information both the by-product and results of the programming; I anticipate that information/ “messages” related to the results of my PLR practice will post at various intervals. I am also considering having the computer recite these messages. On the third screen short snippets of films of different aspects of the face will run at intervals defined by the SuperCollider code been entered on screen one. The sounds within this film suggest the sounds a combination of muscles, skin and bone might make during facial movement (e.g. eye blinking) were they audible to the human ear.


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