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The Seventeenth Century

The Seventeenth Century is a two-screen video installation for DVD and surround sound.
In one screen we see a suburban nightscape in which a fantastical scenario is taking place.
The lights of the houses and buildings turn on and off in mathematical unison as if a strange calculus is being played out over an entire suburb. After a while we see returning patterns as if the house lights are acting like some strange musical score. Out of what seems at first glance to be just random blinking house lights we soon discover that there is a creepy order to what is happening. This utterly strange semaphore, could this be a message from God to the world, or is this a message from the towns people to deep space? A small yellow flag blows in a computer-generated breeze. A plume of strange blue smoke rises from a chimney. Aircraft cut through the screen like space ships.In the second screen we see something that belongs to the category of the beautiful/ugly.
In this case the workings of an Algorithm that fully belongs to the baroque, creates a perpetual loop of suspended palls of a substance like volcanic smoke. These yellow plumes are seemingly frozen and moving at the same time and ultimately enduring, since the installation runs endlessly in an undetectable loop. Because the computer invariably is against nature, we see a mutant thing evolve a new kind of substance brought into existence, a whiff of the unconscious pumping away in the night.


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