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Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary was created on Macintosh computers at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, 1989 to 1991. Photographic images were scanned and manipulated, a rough draft of the interactive structure was made with Hypercard and the final with Macromind Director. It can still be used on a Macintosh computer with around 8 megabytes of free RAM, a 14 inch monitor and a stylewriter or laserwriter printer.

A viewer can click anywhere on the image on screen. There is no apparent interface so they move blindly along the paths that connect images, animations, sounds, quotes, diary extracts, medical information, statistics and stories. Occasionally stories, which are not seen on screen, will print out. There is no hierarchy or order to the piece. The bodies of information orbit and loop and are connected by a multitude of active areas embedded in the imagery. The work often turns back on itself.
Levels of intimacy with the bleak, sexual and violent content are kept safe by the technological media: the flesh is not really flesh, it is pixels and so can be touched. Unless the work is touched, nothing happens.


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