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Unnatural Selection

This body of work is contextualised by a self-reflective response to my concerns and anxiety caused by the developments of biotechnology. I believe this industry speaks little of the human condition, but embraces the current political ideologies found within the laboratories.

These concerns pivot around the clinical objectification that eradicates subjectivity, due to the exploitation of women s bodies, the experimentation on embryos, the reduction of humanity into labeled traits and the necessary metamorphic alteration of personal identity in xenotransgenics. These concerns are compounded by the lack of surveillance and the churches self-appointed role as guardian, the absent public address and the deficiently negligent legislation within this field. I believe economic market forces are the true agenda for this booming enterprise, not the declared health and nourishment of humanity. The emotional fragmentation that this industry creates in me is reflected in my diverse and fragmented paintings, which are varied and discordant in their application and content, hopefully creating a chaotic and salient visual language.

It is my intention that Unnatural Selection triggers an essence of the anxiety I feel towards genetic engineering, since it is this underlying anxiety that is intrinsic to my work. I do not claim to diagnose authoritative answers, but hopefully to promote enquiry within the viewer. This industry will have far reaching implications that are shrouded in perpetuated notions of perfection but I believe it is so closely related to Nazi Eugenics that they are almost clones of one another. It is my hope that Unnatural selection promotes a questioning of the ethical irresponsibility that biotechnology creates.


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